Team Staff

Dr. Lilipiana Darensburg


Kelan Marble

Interim Director

Kelan Marable graduate from North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University (Aggie Pride) In fall of 2021 Kelan was extend an invitation to participate in our Gladys Rogers Darensburg Foundation Radio Internship program at our WARR. Kelan J. initial start was in production with adverting/commercials and later fashioned to on-air host “Whatcha Say Kelan J. Praise Party ”. Kelan brings a new cool smooth voice, an inspirational spirit, and an inviting vibe to WARR that the community absolutely adores.p.m.

Logan Darensburg


Al-Karim Darensburg

Creative Director

On-Air Personalities

Willie Cooper

Radio Announcer - "BluesMaster Show"

Willie N. Cooper, aka, “Willie C….The Blues Master”, has been in the music industry for over 38 years. Willie C got started in music as a volunteer at a public radio station WVSP 90.9 FM in Warrenton, NC. Willie C became known for playing the best in blues music from that experience and earned the reputation as the DJ of choice in the community. Willie C, The Blues Master, can be heard live every Sunday from 2pm to 6pm.

Melvin Palmer

Radio Announcer - "Gospel Train Show'

Melvin Palmer has been a Radio Announcer and personality for over 32 years at the Warrenton radio station, since 1982. Melvin’s Gospel Train, is one of WARR 1520’s most popular shows, where the listening community can count on Melvin always having his “Prayer Book Open”.

Sir Robert Wilson

DJ - "Sir Robert Wilson Show"

Born on October 14, 1953, in Union Level, VA. Sir Robert Wilson is a 1973 graduate of Park View High School. His first job was at a local radio station in South Hill, VA. He then went on to work at WJWS AM, which became WJWS FM, where he worked for 40 years as a Radio Announcer, Sales Executive and Station Manager. You can tune in to hear Sir Robert on every other weekend only on WARR 1520.