Gladys Rogers Darensburg Foundation Internship Program

The Gladys Rogers Darensburg Foundation Internship Program delves into the into the complexity of on-air broadcasting, as well as, the elements of the behind the scenes responsibilities.The program provides hands on experience and incorporates the specific functionalities of radio broadcasting, managerial operations, programming, administrative duties, account management, program directing, and community support. The students adhere to the day to day operations of the radio station internally and externally.Students learn about the business aspect of the station from advertising, marketing, and programming, to being able to run the board successfully.

The Gladys Rogers Darensburg Internship Program was designed to keep the legacy of Gladys Rogers Darensburg thriving. She was an Educator and teacher and was dedicated to making sure that all people were able to receive quality education no matter what. She worked tirelessly throughout her community and beyond to enhance people's lives through the resource of education. Her son Logan Darensburg, always made sure that he fulfilled his mother's quest by making sure his 6 children were educated. But he also wanted to make sure that others had the same opportunities as his own family. With his wife's help, Rev.Dr. Lilipiana Darensburg, and the help of the WARR team, Sherman Johnson, Ann Alston, and Antoinette McClean, the program made its debut in 2006 with 4 students from Warren County High School.

The foundation started with the idea that the youth in the local communities and high schools of North Carolina needed greater opportunities for success, and our communities, so desperately, needed young leaders. Therefore, it was WARR 1520's objective to infuse our interns with professional media training and life skills training while still in high school. The program partners with the local school system and community colleges to keep the program prospering. This is a milestone in the development of the radio station. The greater vision is, this internship being an incubator for the great broadcasters of the future. The first 4 interns made history as being the pilots of this new prestigious program and they were the proof, in that, this program could make a profound impact on the students, as well as, the community and inevitably the world!

Rev.Dr. Lilipiana Darensburg believes that "at some point in every person's life, they have to make a decision to make their bodies a living witness of what they say they believe. The Gladys Rogers Darensburg Internship programs graduating class of 2006 is such a witness of what can be achieved when good men and women of God will take action to improve social conditions."

The 2006 Graduates, as pictured, was Kendra Allenette Wood, Michael Wallace Davis Jr., Centered is Sherman Johnson (who was the Community Affairs Director of WARR), Alisha Alston, and David Harper all students from the Warren County High School in Warrenton, NC. The training team at WARR Radio went above and beyond to ensure that the program was a success and indeed it was! The program celebrates 11 years of impacting lives!

 The GRD Foundation Internship Program promotes:

  • Professional Public Speaking
  • Self Confidence/ Self Esteem
  • Character Development
  • Sparks Creativity
  • Enhances Professional Networking
  • Speech Development
  • Resume Building
  • Communications Skills
  • Multitasking in fast paced environment
  • Professional Attire and Representation
  • Technical Skills/ Computer
  • Develop Posture

The Gladys Rogers Darensburg Foundation Internship Program Participants

  • 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th grade Students from Warren County High School, Warren County Early College, and Warren County New Tech High School.
  • Program also extended to College students. To date College students from Howard University, NCCU, VGCC and NC A&T University.
  • Participants earn a scholarship upon completion of the program and a Certificate of completion.


  • Avi'er Johnson Senior Project for Warren County New Tech High School.
  • Avi'er Johnson is the 1st Intern to participate in the program for 4 years, from 9th-12th grade.
  • Avi'Time premiers September 2016-2017, as the 1st Sponsored Intern Radio Show.
  • Avi'Time has 1 Business and County Representative Sponsors.
  • Avi'Time participates in Live Broadcast of Warren County High School Football Games.
  • Avi'Time announces at the Football Games with the Avi'Time Half-Time Report.
  • Received $1000 Scholarship from Gladys Rogers Darensburg Foundation.
  • Recorded & Formatted Commercial Ads & Spots for paying clients. 

Being that Avi'er Johnson was the only student to complete 4 years of interning with the station, the expectations for her were more intense than the previous students. She designed her own radio show which included 2 paying sponsors from the community. She also for the 1st time in the stations history, covered the high school football game and helped to stream it over the air. She hosted the Avi'Time Half Time Report. She also helped to make custom commercials for paying clients and had to make a custom spot for her own show!

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